Prices and instructions for sending dissertations, bachelor’s and master’s theses, and other similar works to the bindery

The prices for binding and covering the products mentioned above starts at 25 euros/each. The final price is determined by printings and special requests that are different from normal. The delivery time for regular jobs is 2 days after we receive your work. If you have special requests for your work, the deliver time may be longer, so please phone us ahead of time so we can discuss the details.

  • Send as many paper copies to our bindery as you want to have us bind.
  • We can also arrange the printing. Deliverytime is then 3-4 days. We can give you the price if you tell us how many pages you have in your work and how many of them are black/white or coloured and how many peaces you want to be done. 
  • Leave at least 2 cm margins on the spine side, it is okay to leave even more in order to make the text more visible
  • Many schools and universities have specified the color and printing, but if there are no specifications you can choose your preference from our selection of more than one hundred cover colors and materials.
  • You can choose the printing color from the following colors, among others: gold, silver, white, black, blind blocking without colors.
  • We print the text you want on the book cover and spine, if possible, and you can choose the type from our selection
  • When there are no specifications regarding paper quality or thickness, the normal 80 gm copy paper is just fine

See examples of different possibilities in the images below and by clicking on them