Albums, scrapbooks, books of remembrance and other works

What is more fun than browsing through photograph albums with traditional photographs you can touch with your hands. Our bindery has a few ready-made albums, and if you can’t one you like from these, we can make one just for you – beige, green or black from photo card pages.

Books of remembrance contain the final greetings sent to your loved one, as well as photographs of the funeral and memorial. All of these are beautifully arranged in one book.

Scrapbooks contain clippings of you or even your idol, and keep them in one same place.

We have made the covers for the menus of several famous restaurants. They are made of the same material as book covers, and if they last in books then why wouldn’t they last as menus. There are several ways to fasten a menu, and several covers can easily be attached to each other.

If you have an idea for a gift, for example, don’t hesitate to contact us! Together we’ll discuss whether can do it with the professional skill of our book binders!